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The Olive Oil LIVA-DIAMOND 2015-2016 has a pointer of D3=1582 which means 6.3 times more than the limit of EK 432/2012 in order to be characterized as Health Claim Product


- Oleocanthal International Society awarded our Health Claim Olive Oil LIVA in Olympia 2016 Conference

- Successful attedance in FOOD EXPO 2016 exhibition from Krimnianiotis Organic Farm


Krimnianiotis Organic Farm

An organic farm of 65 acres in Ariochori Messinia, at the foot of Mount Taygetos, 13 km before Kalamata. The terrain, the small dunes, the Taygetos Mountain springs of the two Messinian Rivers Aris and Pamisos, the sea breeze of the Messinian Gulf, create an ideal microclimate for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kalamata PDO.

On the farm there is a vegetable garden with all kinds of vegetables and two small greenhouses for the winter days.

Our goal is the farm, situated in Ariochori, to become a visited Farm for children and adults, so that children get in touch with rare and rich flora and fauna (animals and plants of the farm), while adults can enjoy themselves in a beautiful refectory within a beautiful natural environment and can pursue biological products of the farm that will gather themselves... Read more

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Distribution points:

  1. S.Petroula 3, Fuli, Attika
  2. Ariochori, Kalamata, Messinia, Peloponese
  3. V.Tsorlini 26, Thessaloniki

Contact Numbers: 0030 6944543198 - 0030 2102482698


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