Our olive groves are located in Peloponnese, in Ariochori - Kalamata, a small village in Messinia, at the foot of Taygetos Mountain, in an area where the olive tree is cultivated with the same dedication from antiquity to today incorporated into daily life during the centuries.
The organic farming methods we use in combination with the experience, knowledge, tradition, and modern technology offer high quality products and expertise.

Nutritional requirements of olive trees

xlwrida.jpgSignificant amounts of main nutrient elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are removed annually from the olive grove because of the plant's needs for vegetative growth and production. As a result, in case the captive quantities are greater than the available reduce production is noticed unless such elements are supplemented. The amount of elements to be added to every grove soil depends on the soil type, the available stocks, the followed cultivation practices (pruning, irrigation, etc.) and the annual production.

Fertilization Methods

 The fertilization of an organic olive grove aimed at improving the productivity of the soil and at boosting the strategy that ensures long-term improvement of soil texture and soil structure in parallel with the fertility increase. Fertilizing the olive tree should be based on a conservation program and revitalizing of olive groves soil. This method is based mainly on the method of green manure with legumes, grasses or mixtures, of addition of compost from organic materials, and of addition of animal manure, which strictly comes from organic farming animals.

Distribution points:

  1. S.Petroula 3, Fuli, Attika
  2. Ariochori, Kalamata, Messinia, Peloponese
  3. V.Tsorlini 26, Thessaloniki

Contact Numbers: 0030 6944543198 - 0030 2102482698


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