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The ORGANIC FARM "KRIMNIANIOTIS" is created with passion and produces exclusively organic high quality.It constitutes a research area for new products in the area.

- After years of observation and research, we managed to produce olive oil with Health Claim, with phenol’s prices over twice the limit set by the EU to consider an olive oil as drug with cardioprotective properties.
- The cultivation of aromatic plants and the simultaneous development of the organic house and relying on studies of Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki, we produce chickens and eggs rich in omega-3 fat.
- The distillation of our organic herbs gives us those quantities of essential oils, able to flavor olive oil used in cooking high demands.
- The orchard with prickly pear. A new pilot cultivation of varieties that have few thorns and its fruits are available for tequila, liqueur or jam.
- The Citrus trees produces oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, bergamot, koumkpouat, lime etc. Are available in fresh or as liqueurs.
- The Rodonas with Greek and imported varieties of pomegranates produces pomegranates, pomegranate juice and pomegranate wine.
- The vinery. Our farm pride. We cultivate wine and table grape varieties. We produce "THALES" red variety of Kaperne, Merlot and Xinomavro. The "ARIS" white variety of Chardonnay and Ounimplank. Also, "NEFELI" sweet wine from sundried raisins and Mavrodaphne. The table wines have more than 20 varieties with principal variety the Moschato variety.

- The vegetable garden, that apart from the seasonal products, has a sea fennel garden, a wonderful DELICATESSEN salad ingredient, edible raw and as a pickle. It is also used for the production of essential oil. Also we cultivate Stamnagathi to accompany beautiful dishes.
- Eggs from hens, geese, guinea fowl and quail eggs, all organically reared.

We believe to soon become one visited farm and educational destination for children and tasting haunt for adults.

Our fresh products are sent by courier across Greece and our standard products are sent worldwide. We accept e-mail orders.

Distribution points:

  1. S.Petroula 3, Fuli, Attika
  2. Ariochori, Kalamata, Messinia, Peloponese
  3. V.Tsorlini 26, Thessaloniki

Contact Numbers: 0030 6944543198 - 0030 2102482698

Email: nikos@krimfarm.gr

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